Motherhood Mania: A Rare Reality of PostPartum Bipolar
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Motherhood Mania: A Rare Reality of PostPartum Bipolar

When Jessica Ekhoff gave birth to her son, the last thing she planned for was a mental health crisis. The signs were there within days of delivering, but with no history of mania, it was easy to overlook the obsessive, grandiose thinking, the hyperfixation and impulsivity. Eventually, a terrifying delusion landed Jessica in a psychiatric ward where she was able to get a diagnosis and receive treatment. Post-recovery, Jessica is sharing her story through her book: Super Sad Unicorn: A Memoir of Mania. Her mission is to shine a light on postpartum bipolar disorder, and tell those who are affected that they are not alone. 

In this episode:

  • Reflecting on the first signs of bipolar disorder.
  • The disparity between who you are as a person and what is happening with the mental health of your brain.
  • What led to starting in-patient treatment.
  • Receiving a proper diagnosis and experiencing the mania and delusions that come with it.
  • The importance of validation and support of others with similar experiences.

Stay connected to Jessica:

Book: Super Sad Unicorn: A Memoir of Mania

Facebook: Jessica Ekhoff

Instagram: @JessicaEkhoff

Charity Donation: Postpartum Support International

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