There was no warning nor symptoms when 25-year-old Katherine Wolf had a massive brain stem stroke that nearly took her life. Newly married and a mother to a 6-month old, Katherine could no longer do basic things like walk, talk, stand or eat. But with the enduring support of her husband Jay, together they co-created a new life full of love, meaning, community and purpose. 

In this episode, we talk about:

  • When Jay and Katherine first met and the early days of their relationship.
  • The day Katherine experienced a massive brain stem stroke from both perspectives.
  • Katherine’s 40 days in a coma-like-state
  • Regaining her abilities and what the next chapter looks like after the hospital.
  • Finding strength and hope during recovery.
  • Having their miracle baby, John.
  • Leveraging their unique abilities and starting Camp Hope Heals.

Stay connected to Katherine & Jay:


Podcast: Suffer Strong Podcast

Instagram: @hopeheals , @sufferstrong

Book: Suffer Strong

Charity Donation: Hope Heals

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