(A little caveat: It's Mother's Day week. If you're in a tender spot around parenthood, loss, or pregnancy, be gentle with yourself and pick another episode. Shoot me a DM and we'll find just the words you need to hear today.)

"Ten in ten." That's how Margot Guy describes the losses she and her husband, TJ, have faced in a decade of trying to grow their family. Nearly six years after becoming parents to a baby girl born halfway across the world, thanks to a surrogate in Mumbai, the Guy family of three hopes to expand once more. This chapter of their story is still in process.

Still in the thick of her story, Margot's words will encourage you, equip you to help friends walking this same path, and remind you of the simple gifts of motherhood, community and resilience.

As you'll hear in today's episode, Margot is mid-IVF cycle, preparing for a second round of gestational surrogacy. We plan to have her back on our Patreon channel with updates as she has them.

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