From a young age, Major Tony Nash has had an analytical mind and looked at life as a series of lessons. In this episode, Tony talks about how losing his father impacted him and how it would set a lot of things in motion for the rest of his life. He was lucky though and a role model recommended him looking into attending the United States West Point. 

In this episode, Tony leads with transparency and discusses how he has learned that closure is a personal journey and not leaving things open or to “what ifs”. He has chosen instead to live a purpose driven life. 

Outside being an Active-Duty officer in the Army, Tony also runs the Got Your 6 Brand, which includes an eBook, podcast, coaching, newsletters, and mentorship. In this episode, he talks about how he lays out each day to ensure he keeps all his demands on track and is deliberate on his alignment. 

A couple key points to this episode: 

-  Tony Talks about the S.L.I.D.E Model; Servant Leadership, Life Tactics, Inspiration, Discipline and Encouragement in which he uses to ensure he stays aligned with his values. 

- The Ultra Ergathlon (ERG); 13.5 Mile Ski ERG, 26.2 mile Bike ERG, 13.5 Rower, and 13.5 Assault runner. 

- His The Night Before Journal. Order here:

Tony closes up the episode talking about how something he viewed as a failure, led to the biggest success in his life. You don’t want to miss what he shares is next for the Got Your 6 brand! 

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