E9: The Doctrine of Humanity
Always Ready · 34 minutes ·

E9: The Doctrine of Humanity

Welcome to Always Ready, a production of The Christian Manifesto. In this episode, I continue my 5-part series discussing some doctrines I believe we as the church need to be especially clear about. I started with the doctrine of Scripture in the first week and today I conclude by discussing the doctrine of humanity? Who are we and what is the purpose of humanity? Join me in this episode as we explore what the Scripture says about this subject!  

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Show Notes:  

"The image, then, is not fundamentally a trait or attribute. Rather, humanity is made in the image of God. To see humanity is to see the likeness of God. The human race is a living testimony to its Creator. The lordly nature of the human race in all the creation owes to the race’s God-revealing status: man’s splendour is his likeness to God." (Owen Strachan, Reenchanting Humanity, p. 30)  

God Bless!

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