S1E9: The Bond That Broke
I Am Kobe · 47 minutes ·

S1E9: The Bond That Broke

2001 was the year that Jeremy Treatman’s relationship with Kobe Bryant changed, because Kobe’s relationship with his family changed. 2001 was the year that Kobe married his wife, Vanessa, which led to a falling out between him and his parents, Joe and Pam. There’s been a lot of speculation about why the Bryant family fractured as it did. From what I gathered in talking to people who knew Kobe well back then, the problem came down to this: Kobe felt like he was ready to move fully into adulthood, to get married, and his parents thought he was too young.

Jeremy’s relationship with Kobe evolved in the same way. He hadn’t been close just to Kobe. He had been tight with the entire Bryant clan. If there wasn’t a clean break between him and Kobe as Kobe moved on from Lower Merion and progressed in his pro career, there was certainly more distance between them. 

It had been nearly 30 years since Jeremy met Kobe. It had been 25 years since he was there on the Lower Merion Aces’ sideline, celebrating a state championship with Kobe. But that special period of time was fresh in his memory. Kobe had been dead for a year-and-a-half, but he was alive in Jeremy’s mind and heart.

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