Revisiting late 90s ideas of masculinity
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Revisiting late 90s ideas of masculinity

It was the era of Fight Club, Maxim, metrosexuals, and “The Game.” How did 1990s notions of masculinity shape our gender identities, our friendships with men, and how we treated women?

This month’s episode is undeniably more personal and vulnerable than last month’s hot takes about the last and next 15 years of Twitter. In this episode, we discuss our struggles growing up to win the affection of women and the respect of men. We revisit the movie Fight Club more than 20 years after its release. And we consider the challenge of crafting a positive vision of masculinity that young people today can aspire to without shame.

As always, we would love to hear your thoughts – either in the comment section below or by writing to us at [email protected]. And we hope that you’ll join us in a couple of weeks for a Twitter Spaces discussion with some special guests to discuss how social norms of masculinity affect sex, friendships and how we deal with conflict. Thanks for sharing some time with us.

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