Welcome to the Twelve Inquiries
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Welcome to the Twelve Inquiries

Welcome to The 12 Inquiries, a year-long conversation between two friends about 12 topics that interest us. You could call it a monthly salon, though that sounds a little grandiose. We hope you’ll join us in the conversation. Who knows, maybe we’ll become friends.

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A couple of lines about us. We were both born in 1980. Luis has lived his life split between Mexico and the United States. David has lived most of his life in the United States and some in Mexico. We met in 2010 at a rooftop party in Mexico City, where we fell into an hours-long conversation about culture, technology, history, design, politics, and the meaning of life that has never really stopped.

Luis studied film and is the co-founder and creative director of More Starch, a boutique creative studio in Mexico City. David studied political science and is a program officer at the Hewlett Foundation, a grantmaking foundation in California.

As we’ve learned more about each other over the past decade, we’ve come to recognize and appreciate our differences. What unites us is a common curiosity. We’re much more interested in learning from one another than arguing about who’s right.

The Inquiries

So what will we talk about? Here’s a preview of the conversations we’ll have over the next three months:

* 15 Years on Twitter: How has Twitter changed over the past 15 years and how has it changed us? Also, how should we spend the next 15 years on Twitter? Or, should we?

* Evolving Masculinity: What was it like to grow up with a 1990s culture of masculinity? How has it evolved? And what is our role in continuing its evolution?

* Techno-stalgia: What does our nostalgia for the technologies of the past say about our relationship with the technologies of today? How do we navigate the tradeoffs between convenience and intention? And what are the technologies of today that we’ll be nostalgic for in the future?

The Format

Each conversation will take place over a month. We’ll publish an introductory newsletter and podcast episode the first week. During the second week, we’ll host a live conversation on Twitter Spaces with guests. On the third week, we’ll publish a short recap of what we learned, and respond to questions and comments we receive. During the fourth week, we rest. Well, really, we prepare for the next month’s inquiry.

Really? Another podcast?

Yes, we know, there’s a bit of a, shall we say, renaissance of buddy podcasts.

We think it’s great. Ever since we started this project, our conversations have become more meaningful. Our reading has become more deliberate. At first, we wondered if we’d manage to come up with 12 topics. Soon, we came up with a growing list of more than 20 that we are struggling to narrow down.

We’ll begin in July with our first conversation about the highs and lows of having spent 15 years on Twitter. Please join us by subscribing to the newsletter and look out for our first episode to land next month.

This is a public episode. If you would like to discuss this with other subscribers or get access to bonus episodes, visit www.thetwelveinquiries.com

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