#001 - The Vital Animal podcast is here to help YOU make YOUR animals wildly healthy, naturally disease-resistant, and truly, wholly VITAL!  

Homeopathic veterinarian Dr. Will Falconer shares his wealth of knowledge from 4 decades in practice on all manner of ways you can make your animals the healthiest they can be.

You can learn more about this approach at his long standing resource-filled website, Vital Animal:


In this first episode, Dr. Falconer shares his founder’s story, “How a Leap, a Crash, and a Rebirth Shaped My Holistic Practice.” 

Was following his intuition without hesitation a smooth way to change his life as a vet? Not so much. But is he grateful he went through it all to get to where he is as an educator today? No question!

 If you’d like to get the links and show notes for this episode, just head to:


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