Welcome to the first official episode of the Rossifari Podcast!  Today, I'm going to start with telling you a little bit about who I am, what I do, and what you can expect from this podcast!  Then we're going to dive into it with an interview with Jake Belair, an ambassador animal keeper at The Nashville Zoo at Grassmere!  Jake has some incredible stories to share, and brings a great energy to the interview! You can find Jake @zkprjake on Instagram, and @zookeeperjake on Twitter! All opinions represent Jake's own, and do not represent The Nashville Zoo in any way.

Remember to check out my Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook: @rossifari. The website is www.rossifari.com. Support the pod at www.patreon.com/rossifari. And check out my merch at rossifari.redbubble.com.

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