The Long Awaited Budgeting Podcast
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The Long Awaited Budgeting Podcast

Hey Team,

    I hope the holidays have found everyone well and you got what you wanted from Santa. This episode is centered around budgeting. I know to some that is a scary word and seems like a wet blanket. I felt the same way a few years ago but know I have found that a budget allows me to not only do the things I want to do but I have have a better time knowing I actually have the cash to do them. 

    Here you will here me discuss my origin story of how I found budgeting, why we started, how much debt we had and how we paid it off. I'll Also walk you through the steps I use to create my household budget every month. Lastly, I will share why its so cool to plan things out. Enjoy and let me know what you though. Email me your feedback at [email protected] or find me on IG @hotgdrod.

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