Detroit Stories:  Episode 1, "The Killing of Daniel Thomas."

Detroit Stories: Episode 1, "The Killing of Daniel Thomas."

On June 24, 1967, Daniel Thomas, a twenty-four year old African American Vietnam veteran was shot and killed in Detroit's Rouge Park by one of a group of young white men who were also in the park that night.  Detroit was already a simmering racial geyser waiting to erupt when the murder occurred, and the alleged circumstances surrounding the murder didn't help things.  

     The police made an arrest of an identified suspect.  There was a written confession; the alleged shooter was picked out of line up, the murder weapon was recovered from a nearby sewer.  Police and Black Civil Rights Leaders prayed the arrest and arraignment of the suspect would calm things down.

But then, three and a half weeks after Daniel Thomas's murder, the Detroit Rebellion/Riot erupted with devastating social, economic and political consequences for the city, its residents and the Detroit Police Department.  And how would the Rebellion/Riot affect the outcome of the trial of Daniel Thomas's alleged killer?  

Detroit Stories:  Episode 1 "The Killing of Daniel Thomas" revisits the "Summer of Love" in 1967, and ask these questions that have had long standing consequences for Detroit in subsequent years...

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