Does Divorce Effect my Credit?
Tennessee Family Law Questions & Answers · 10 minutes ·

Does Divorce Effect my Credit?

In this first episode of the Tennessee Family Law Question and Answer podcast, we discuss what effect filing for divorce in Tennessee has on the parties' credit.  As a general rule, filing for divorce in Tennessee will have no effect on a person's credit rating.  However, not every case will follow the general rule.

Occasionally, there will be no clear understanding between a divorcing couple as to who will be responsible for which bills.  Often, in that situation, bills will go unpaid and credit will be negatively effected.  

It is best to have a clear understanding on who is responsible for paying which bills. This is best accomplished by sitting down before the divorce is filed and working on the details.  If this is impossible, then have the attorneys discuss an equitable solution. As a last resort, a motion can be filed and a judge. referee or magistrate make the decision.   

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