#16. Nation-State Level Defense with Max Kelly, Founder and CEO of [redacted]
The Official OffSec Podcast · 40 minutes ·

#16. Nation-State Level Defense with Max Kelly, Founder and CEO of [redacted]

Hosts Harbinger (Jeremy Miller) and TJNull catch up with Max Kelly, Founder and CEO of [redacted], a threat intelligence and response platform. Max starts by describing his interesting professional story with nation-state level defense from the highest levels of the private and public sectors at organizations including Facebook and U.S. CyberCom. With the level of sophistication used in cyber-attacks increasing, they discuss how this has changed how organizations need to defend themselves. Specifically, they dig into whether purely defensive playbooks apply anymore. They also get into how this changes the skill set that infosec professionals need to be successful. Finally, they chat about Max’s recent feature in the Wall Street Journal on how it’s possible for companies to work within the confines of the law to take action against attackers, stopping short of hacking back. Enjoy the episode!

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