2017 Podcast Predictions - Happy New Year
Ask the Podcast Coach · 53 minutes ·

2017 Podcast Predictions - Happy New Year

Dave shares some insight on the Radio City Music Hall Rockets

2017 Podcast Predictions

1:40 Jim thinks Facebook live will lead to people tuning out of live streams (Dave agrees there will be a ton of noise).

4:45 Dave thinks Apple will go to less than 50% of consumption in your stats (other apps will rise up to replace). Jim fixes the bad search by having a website go right to his item homegadgetgeeks.com which point to his apps

8:10 Jim thinks The bigger shows will get bigger, and more podcasters will drop out then launch. Dave feel there will be more disdain between indie podcasters and professional podcast networks. Jim feels the people started in 2015, 2016 are going to quit as it is hard to get an audience and hard to sustain a podcast. 

9:45 Jim called it a podcast bubble. Dave predicts a return of "podcasting is dead" type of articles where people who are disgruntled that their show didn't do well will blame podcasting instead of the fact that their show sucked.

13:25 Jim thinks Will have less media providers (Soundcloud?) where some people who jumped into media hosting will fall. Dave thinks the record labels and ruin it (it needs to be purchased, or shut down).

15;15 Dave hopes Feedburner will shut down, but he is saying it won't be.  Netflix Audio? HBO Audio?

17:45 Dave has done the calculations based on previous years, podcast listeners will go up to 40% (according to Edison research) in 5 years we would be up to 48%

21:05 Dave thinks more companies are going to put up "Walled gardens" where you have to use THEIR PLATFORM to consume specific shows (and Dave doesn't think this will work). 

27:35 More Tools For Podcasters - More Microphones? How is the Blue Yeti Getting so Much Press? Hear Dave's view and demo of Blue Yeti

30:30 Smaller shows will still "Glenn The Geek It" and smaller advertising resources will close due to lack of Advertisers. Free media hosting companies will close

32:10 More Noise Than Ever

32:45 Someone will still name their show with the ON FIRE brand.


Dave recently posted an episode for supporters only on how to get your most downloaded shows quickly.

38:30 Patreon is a great solution for Podcasters. Check it out

39:50 Thins we would like to see. Like Minded Podcasters will start making smaller networks. 

42:00 Jim is going to start using Facebook Live

44:00 Noodle baby's First word, and the Podcaster's Roundtable

48:55 Amazon Alexa will get tied more into podcasting (beyond TuneIn)

50:10 Dave Plays Old Lang Syne

51:00 Dave closes the show again....

Post Show (available to Awesome Supporters)

New Years Resolutions

Update on Dave's Alexacast including income earned 

The School of Podcasting has a Podcast News Flash that is available on the Amazon Echo/Doy

4:00 New Tools For Podcasters

5:10 Did anything blind side us in 2016?

6:10 Startup Season - I really don't care about the story even though it's "real".

7:50 The Head of Audible has been saying really stupid things about podcasting

8:50 Jim is all for War amongst podcasters

10:00 New and Noteworthy is not stuck - Jim is tired of talking about N&N.

11:20 We all need to promote each other. Write a blog a month promoting what you are listening to.

13:10 the two new trainers at the School of podcasting Trial and Error, and there are 7 days in a week. None of them are "someday."

14:00 Will the "newness" narrative style shows wear off?

16:10 NPR Fresh Air Podcast Bingo

17:20 Shows that Suck in you and you can't tune out.

23:30 Even in sports they focus on the story.

25:20 Can You learn to be Interesting?

25:50 News years Plans 

30:30 Favorite New Year Eve Memories - Forced Play Dates and Failing Koochies.

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