Rethinking Show Notes
Ask the Podcast Coach · 59 minutes ·

Rethinking Show Notes

3:18 NAB reflections
4:05 Jim's New Podcast
6:32 Show Notes
9:10 Podcast Business Journal YouTube Article
14:34 Think Like a Hacker Podcast
16:58 Podcast Rodeo Show Doozy
19:49 Samson MBA38 Boom Arm
23:16 Blue Compass Boom Arm
28:24 Grammarly Gets Aggressive
31:20 Mic Placement
37:29 Leaving Mixers On
42:44 Knox is Kooky
43:54 Self Hosting is Not a Good idea
45:52 Should I Use Anchor? Not Before Reading This
48:34 Live Video Solutions Streamyard
52:55 Using Two Blue Yeti Microphones
56:03 Apple Mail
59:42 URL Questions

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