MMPT:  "Random Thoughts from a Road Trip"
Ask Jim Miller · 14 minutes ·

MMPT: "Random Thoughts from a Road Trip"

Today, I want to share with you some of my thoughts from a road trip back to central Nebraska to see my family for the first time since pre-Covid.

I could have flown right into Kearney (Nebraska) from Chicago but felt the need for a road trip. Does anybody else ever get the desire to get out on the open road? I've had some of my most productive mind dumps on long road trips. Did you know that driving can produce alpha brain waves, the same brain waves you get when you meditate or get lost in thought in the shower? Maybe you've noticed on a long drive that your subconscious takes the wheel for long stretches. True, that's why I opted, this time, to drive that 10 hours to my parents for the short weekend.

So here are some of the topics that I've been thinking about or have had conversations with you or your fellow brokers about over the past week

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