Today’s topic is an important one because your wedding venue affects so much of your wedding planning and your wedding budget!

If you’re near the beginning of your planning, it’s important to ask these questions ahead of time so you get the entire picture. And if you’ve already signed the contract, it’s totally fine. You can make sure you have the answers to all of these questions as you continue your planning so there aren’t any big surprises on the wedding day. 

  • May we store items at the venue prior to our wedding day? And is there a storage fee?
  • At what time are my vendors allowed to access the space to begin setup? I like to arrive no later than 10 am. But if you’re at a property like a hotel, they might try to squeeze in a morning breakfast into the space before your vendors can set up, which might cost you extra if they have less time to set up than they normally would. 
  • Going along with that, if they’re a larger property, ask them how many other events could be happening simultaneously with yours? Do they have multiple weddings happening? If so, how do they space them out? 
  • Is it possible for guests from other parts of the venue (public spaces or other private events) to mix with yours? Maybe there’s a restaurant on the property that’s open to the public, or a swimming pool, or something else. 
  • If you want an exclusive feeling event, you’ll want to avoid this. You also want to make sure the property’s staff can give your wedding enough attention while you’re there.
  • At what time do we and our vendors have to vacate the space? May we store items overnight or do we need to take everything with us that night?
  • Are there noise restrictions we should be aware of? At what time does the event have to end or by when does amplified music need to be turned off?
  • Do you have a floorplan that’s to scale of our event spaces with the number of guests you want to invite that’s similar to what you envisioned in terms of tables?
  • How big is the dance floor with the number of guests we expect and do you think that’s big enough? 
  • Are there service fees on top of any of your venue rental fees? If so, how are they calculated?
  • Do we need to hire a valet service or transportation company or can all of our guests fit in the parking lot?
  • If the venue doesn’t have its own chef or caterer, or you’re allowed to bring in an outside caterer, ask them where does the caterer prep, do they ever need to build a kitchen tent or can they use kitchen space at the venue?
  • What tables, chairs, linens, glassware, china come with the venue rental? And may we see them? 
  • Do you have any exclusive or required vendors, such as caterers, decor, etc.?

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