The Politics of Pleasure
At Liberty · 31 minutes ·

The Politics of Pleasure

For some of us, simply living in our bodies is a daily act against oppression, against marginalization, criminalization and hate. This work is exhausting…most justice work is. That’s why finding what brings us joy is so central to both our individual and our collective liberation. While seemingly simple, when put in practice, pleasure can be revolutionary.

This is the idea that Adrienne Maree Brown puts forth in her book, “Pleasure Activism: The Politics of Feeling Good.” Taking inspiration from Black feminist writers like Audre Lorde and Octavia Butler, the author, activist and doula demonstrates how we can tap into our desire to organize against oppression. Adrienne’s work is a gift for so many who don’t feel that pleasure is an accessible reality including: women, people of color, trans and non binary folks, queer folks, disabled folks, and survivors of sexual violence.

Adrienne joins us today to share why finding pleasure should be centered in our justice work.

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