Episode 10 - The Last Dance
Mask My Soul · 16 minutes ·

Episode 10 - The Last Dance

Here she was at the end. An end against a man who taught her everything she knows. On one side, Tyler and Ken-doll open fire on each other, with a bullet finding its way into Ken-doll’s arm, while on the other, the teacher and pupil exchange punches. Ken-dolll runs out of bullets giving Tyler a perfect opportunity to kill her. Another hit on the shoulder angers her, and she throws her empty gun at him. The gun hits him squarely on his forehead, sending him to the ground. She runs to him before he can fire back, takes a gasoline container, and hits him hard. Tyler shoots, but this ignites the gasoline spilled, setting him on fire. Veronica wins against The Master, but since she’s not a killer, she leaves him unconscious on the ground. She calls the love of her life, Jake, and asks him to tip the commissioner about the situation. Rikish Patel (The Master) is arrested and taken to custody.

Being a war worth fighting, Veronica and Jake celebrate their reunion and victory as Rochelle and the commissioner join them. However, in the midst of celebration, the unthinkable happens, and the mood changes suddenly. A bullet through the window and right into Jake’s chest…

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