Episode 7 - Warning Shots
Mask My Soul · 23 minutes ·

Episode 7 - Warning Shots

Veronica now had a clear grasp of how one event led to another. The law of cause and effect had taken its course. Little did she know that the love of her life, Jake, would be bailing her out of jail and helping her clear her name. However, this would not be a walk in the park, as the enmity between The Master and Veronica grew deeper. One of The Master’s loose ends, Lawyer Harley is shot dead by Tyler, the snipper. Veronica and Jake go on a hideout for a few days as they wait for normalcy to return. Her friend Rochelle called to notify them that Hanley Cafe, which Jakes owns, was going bankrupt due to the current situation. Most of the investors had pulled out of the business recently.

Consequently, her artwork had been vandalized by unknown people. She requested Rochelle and an officer to check things out at her apartment. Unfortunately, Tyler, The Master’s killer, would be waiting for them. The officer is killed, and Rochelle is kidnapped. A call made to Veronica demands her to plead guilty on all the charges before her, failure to which her friend Rochelle would suffer like Samara. It was at that moment Veronica realized that she had screwed not only her life and that of Jake but also endangered the life of Rochelle. She understands that at this point she must do the unthinkable, kill Tyler.

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