Episode 9 - Counter Punch
Mask My Soul · 24 minutes ·

Episode 9 - Counter Punch

With his exposure, The Master goes into hiding as she and Jake become the new media couples. Veronica had jumped from a criminal to a celebrity within days, and her artwork becomes high demand. Leo reports a recent heist in a convoy carrying money, which Veronica quickly links to The Master. To locate the current Master’s hideout, she has to devise a plan. She finds out that the Russian ambassador will be attending a party in the city. She realizes that to win his attention, blackmail would be the only option. At the party, Veronica threatens to play the video that was taped a few years back of him having sex with her. She demands her own copy of a hacking software similar to the one which The Master has and the ambassador has no way but to oblige to her demands. 


Later that night, Veronica finds Umberto, the money stasher who The Master had hired. Things go haywire, but Veronica gets another important piece in the puzzle, the Master’s real name. Veronica locates Umberto’s warehouse and learns that The Master’s mother has been in hospital. Suddenly his bodyguard storms in, and a fight starts. Umberto finds it the perfect time to escape and leave the two, but he’s shot dead by The Master, who’s now in the compound. Tyler gets hold of her, and they move towards the Master. Face to face and infuriated, The Master gives her countless hot blows and pounds, especially after Veronica calls him by his real name. Just in time, Ken-Doll comes to her rescue by first disarming Tyler. Will there be killings? Find out in our next episode.

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