19. Why it's Sexist to Hate Pop Music
The B-Sides · 66 minutes ·

19. Why it's Sexist to Hate Pop Music

It’s not always sexist to hate pop music.

But more often than not, criticism of pop music is rooted in misogyny, and we’re sick of it.

In our Season 2 premiere, Hannah, Becky, and Mimi unpack 4 common criticisms of pop music that are rooted in sexism, which are:

  • lack of sophistication or meaning
  • undervaluing of the fanbase
  • (in)authenticity
  • and perceived lack of talent of the artists

Next time you hear a (probably cishet dude) person telling you why they hate pop music, ask yourself if their hatred is just thinly-veiled misogyny. And then: sic Taylor Swift’s live performance of "Cornelia Street" on them and run far away.

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