23. A Tale of Two Girl Groups: Little Mix and Blackpink ft. Victor Carlesi
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23. A Tale of Two Girl Groups: Little Mix and Blackpink ft. Victor Carlesi

Shoutout to our Lovesick Girls! Little Mix in your Area! And it’s called Blackpink Magic! Ok we’ll stop now.

These are two of the biggest bands of all time - and yet, so much of the U.S. audience still knows so little about these superstars.

This week we are BLESSED to welcome our special guest, Victor Carlesi. Find him on instagram at instagram.com/victor_car_bakes to enjoy more of his hot pop takes and comedy stylings.

What is it about Little Mix and Blackpink that just *works*? We break down each band and draw some larger conclusions about pop music today.

As promised, here was the “homework” we did for each band before we recorded.



  • Balingna
  • So since Jesy  recently quit Im gonna add some videos specific to her and her issues shes dealt with since being in the band. There’s also a whole doc she made called Odd One Out
  • Super cute and bubbly honest interview from 2015 after Black Magic promoting their album Get Weird
  • Black Magic (their first US hit) inspired by the film The Craft (also Perrie wears a Pittsburgh Pirates cap in this which is where im from/live)
  • This music video and song is from the album Glory Days 2016 which they promoted alongside ariana grande on her Dangerous woman tour (its a fairly political video for a girl group! Featuring drag queens willam, courtney Act and Alaska Thunderfuck)
  • LM5 2018 was randomly a flop??? This was the biggest moment from it, a Nicki feature for basically a god is a woman rip off. They injected themselves into the cardi and nicki beef. Of course this album has a ton of great pop, they experimented with a ton of new sounds this era. Their song Wasabi also popped off on tiktok which ended the era strong in 2019
  • Sweet Melody from their most recent album, Confetti. Needs no explanation, if you love pop you'll love this song and vid
  • This just shows how much they ACTUALLY love each other after years of being together
  • This is so cute: their Elle song association

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