36. California Here We Come Chasing Cars... Mm, Whatcha Say?
The B-Sides · 80 minutes ·

36. California Here We Come Chasing Cars... Mm, Whatcha Say?

When done well, a soundtrack can do so much for a show, audience, and featured artists - it enriches and even memorializes scenes, tells us how we’re supposed to feel and introduces artists and audiences to each other. And no one did it better than some of our fave shows from the 2000s: Grey’s Anatomy, the OC, and Gossip Girl.

Grey's Anatomy: 6:50ish

The OC: 31:10ish

Gossip Girl: 50minish

Some enjoyable links from today’s episode:

Grey's musical episode and its oral history.

The shot heard round the world AKA Marissa shoots Trey and launches a million memes. 

Pitchfork review of The OC soundtrack.

Glamorous on Gossip Girl.

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