Calling love in with feng sui

Calling love in with feng sui

Calling love in using Feng Shui is the work of Meghan Wallace-James. She finds ways to help people step into radical authenticity through their space, their style, and their sexuality. The byproduct is that their homes look really rad, wardrobes are on point, and that they’re are confident. After I moved into my new apartment in Beverly Hills, she came and helped me make some adjustments so I can call love in. I am currently having some fun in my love life, and it’s not so much about the person I’m dating, it’s more about the woman I am becoming, due to the work I’m doing as I did with Meghan. 

Topics in this Episode:

  • It doesn’t matter if it’s been done. It’s important that there’s a plan in place.
  • The merging of aesthetic and energetic. 
  • From seeing into being 
  • Changing up things in the bedroom to increase sexuality
  • A touchstone to remind us of who we are actively calling in 
  • What do you see? How does it make you feel? 
  • Bagua map 
  • Responding to listener questions

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