EP1 - The March to a Million Goal
March to a Million · 15 minutes ·

EP1 - The March to a Million Goal

Welcome to the first episode of March to a Million - hosted by acclaimed attorney, financial advisor, public speaker, and author Greg DuPont. 

On his 53rd birthday, Greg committed to positively impacting 1 million lives by the time he turns 65 (September 30, 2030). This podcast chronicles his journey to that goal.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Greg's journey to get to where he is today
  • His history with the financial industrial complex
  • How estate planning attorneys can take advantage of the current problems with the financial industrial complex
  • What the Wealth Solutions Network is

Becoming a Resonant Leader by Annie McKee, Richard Boyatzis and Frances Johnston

Connect with the Wealth Solutions Network:

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