Joey - "My finger was bitten off"
Moral of the Story · 83 minutes ·

Joey - "My finger was bitten off"

It’s true - don’t point the finger, as it could be bitten off… Joey leant this first hand.

This chaotic story took Joey through many turns, but in spite of it all, he was led to forgiveness. This brought freedom and a perspective that can help others get through traumatic experiences.

This is his story…

00:01:30 - The incident 

00:24:30 - The hospital & surgery options

00:34:35 - Post-surgery

00:40:00 - Investigations & court case

00:57:00 - Confronting the guy

01:03:55 - The message

01:06:20 - Getting to forgiveness

01:18:10 - Moral of the story

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