Scarlett - Conquering an eating disorder and becoming an inspiration
Moral of the Story · 57 minutes ·

Scarlett - Conquering an eating disorder and becoming an inspiration

Ep. #4 — Every disorder has a beginning. Here, Scarlett takes us through her battles with binge eating disorder - courageously accepting it, to freeing herself from it. 

Scarlet speaks about how she turned her life around from her lowest point to now being an educator, educating many people about healthy eating and being positive. This is her story…

00:01:11 - What is an eating disorder? 

00:06:00 - Becoming aware of her image

00:12:10 - Binge eating

00:13:47 - Steps to improvement 

00:15:45 - The lowest point 

00:22:00 - Post low point

00:25:33 - Lack of support and information

00:33:49 - Advice for others

00:38:56 - What gave you the confidence to speak up?

00:42:50 - How exercise has helped 

00:44:32 - The impact of social media

00:50:55 - Moral of the story

Moral of the Story, is a podcast where everyday people talk about their real life experiences. 

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