Adam Cornwell, Pitching Coach - University of Indianapolis
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Adam Cornwell, Pitching Coach - University of Indianapolis

In today’s episode, I talk to Adam Cornwell. Adam joined the University of Indianapolis coaching staff after a two-year stay at the University of Dayton. The Flyers finished second in the A-10 during the regular season. He helped guide the Flyers to the 2nd most strikeouts in program history during the 2021 season.

He joined the University of Dayton baseball staff in August 2019 following a one-year stint as an assistant coach at Iona College, where he served as the pitching coach for the Gaels.

He talked about the pitching development side as a coach. He shares that pitching is all about disrupting timing.

In this episode, learn about the growth opportunity as a pitcher and what velocity he is looking for when recruiting. 


[2:19] What was one thing that you thought you did an excellent job of and one thing that you are reflecting you feel like you could have improved upon as a coach?

[4:48] How did you get some players to believe in themselves?

[7:01] What rabbit holes have you recently gone down on the pitching development side?

[10:01] What were some of the everyday things you found when doing that screen on pictures? Was there a specific screen that failed or like a low-hanging fruit like all of them?

[11:45] How did you like the marv trainers? Are you talking about the ply balls that they had? How'd you like those with the seams?

[14:24] Are more guys playing catch with those because it feels like a baseball?

[15:15] Is increasing the velocity of your pitchers overall like a goal that you have at the end of the year?

[17:37] What's the most significant value you see in pitchers who have experience versus those not having experience?

[20:00] The average velocity at the d2 level versus the d1 level?

[22:09] What velocity are you looking for when you're out recruiting?

[23:56] Why did you transfer to Pittsburgh?

[25:46] What were some of the things you learned as a pitcher when playing in California?

[27:24] What did you say you went out there and worked with?

[32:12] What would you say from a mechanical standpoint? Was there anything that you changed when you were out there?

[40:03] What pitchers do you like to watch right now?







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