The Soto Podcast; Britt Ghiroli; How Does It End?
Bustin’ Loose Baseball · 58 minutes ·

The Soto Podcast; Britt Ghiroli; How Does It End?

Episode 21, Segment 1 -- With news breaking over the weekend that Nats All-Star OF Juan Soto declined the teams most recent offer of $440 Million over 15 years, Danny Rouhier reacts to the fallout and tries to make sense of this time of despair for the franchise (2:00). Then, Britt Ghiroli of The Athletic wrote that trading Juan Soto is inevitable at this point. She joined Danny on Monday's Grant & Danny Show to detail her story (31:00). Danny and Darris predict how long the Juan Soto saga could go on, and what the end of it could look like (47:30).

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