Introducing: Magnificent New Normal
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Introducing: Magnificent New Normal

In a unique summit called A Magnificent New Normal, Jeffrey Smith has brought together thought-leaders and world-changers to help each of us step into the highest version of ourselves, and to help propel society as a whole.

Every day for 40 days (and 40 nights), you’ll receive a life-transforming interview from celebrated experts, including Bruce Lipton, Jewel, Anita Sanchez, Sue Morter, Debra Poneman, Nina Simons, Alison Armstrong, Zach Bush, Terry Patten, Matthew Fox, Eben Alexander, Karen Newell, Bettie Spruill, Mark and Clare Dubois, Eric Edmeades, Michelle James, Sara McCrum, Ilarion Merculieff, Alberto Villoldo, BJ Fogg, David Perlmutter, Austin Perlmutter, Tom O’Bryan, Jim Mitchell, Lynne Twist, Joan Blades, Katherine Woodward Thomas, Lynne McTaggart, and more.

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