Episode 105 Tik Tok, IG Reels, and Short-form Video with Kayla Hertz
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Episode 105 Tik Tok, IG Reels, and Short-form Video with Kayla Hertz

What you will learn from this episode:

  • Discover practical tactics, tricks, and tips for TikTok and IG Reels so you can communicate in seconds what you want your audience to know.
  • Find out why you should consider reposting and repurposing your old videos in short-form style.
  • Learn how you can use hashtags to find the right people, and pique their interest, so they ultimately do business with you.

With people’s short attention span, how do you capture attention?

Are you worried that you can’t do TikTok videos and Instagram Reels because you feel awkward dancing or creating video content on these platforms?

Do you want to work smarter to create videos that genuinely resonate with your audience?

Kayla Hertz is a Lash Artist/Educator and Esthetician in Vancouver Washington and the owner of KK Artistry. She joined the beauty industry in 2015 and specializes in classic and volume eyelash extensions and brow shaping/waxing. Kayla is an educator for Lash Essential and holds Classic and Volume lash training in the Vancouver Washington and Portland Oregon area. Outside of lashing you can find her searching for the best happy hour spots, snuggling with her dogs Baxter and Bruno, listening to true crime podcasts and binging way too much Netflix!

For this episode, Kayla shares how you can create video content on TikTok and Instagram to educate your audience, boost your video engagement, and attract the right audience to book your services.

Topics Covered:

02:53 - The power of short-form videos
04:30 - Leveraging TikTok even if you can't dance
05:52 - Useful and relevant tips for TikTok and IG reels
10:07 - Using targeted hashtags to gain views from your audience and not just random people
11:50 - Effortless way of taking off watermarks to repost from TikTok to IG reels and vice versa
17:22 - Creative tricks for making short videos and using apps
20:29 - Tips for how you can simply start making videos that people love
24:35 - The best way to repost your videos
27:04 - More ideas for repurposing
28:50 - What makes her glow with joy?

Key Takeaways:

"You definitely don't have to dance. If you're already making long-form videos or you're doing Instagram lives, or you have client testimonials or anything, repurpose them. Start turning those into your reels." - Kayla Hertz

"If you have a story that you talked about on your page, and maybe somebody asked you a question and you responded to something, you could save that story and turn that into a reel or Tik Tok. Kind of like taking what you're already doing. But as far as dancing and stuff, you just do what's you and what's comfortable." - Kayla Hertz

"I started on TikTok, and then Instagram reels came out. If you're already, maybe you're on Instagram reels, and you haven't done TikTok, or vice versa, if you're creating one short-form video on one app, then you already have content for the other one, just reuse it." - Kayla Hertz

"People are scared of being repetitive; there might be a handful of people that see your video twice. And they're not going to care because they're probably your biggest fans, and they want to see your video. And that's why the algorithm is showing them your video." - Kayla Hertz

"One of the biggest things I've seen is to make sure that when you use your hashtags on TikTok, you want to make sure that you're using hashtags that have less than 200,000 uses, because it's really going to niche you down into the audience that you want." - Kayla Hertz

"If you decide to do those longer videos, you just have to kind of think of how to rehook the listener or the person that's watching. Usually, every 15 seconds, 20 seconds, how can you re-hook them and make sure that they see on the video, because with Instagram and TikTok, the longer that they're on your video and like websites and stuff, the algorithm and SEO sees that and then they want to push out your video more." - Kayla Hertz

"TikTok and Instagram came out saying that they'd rather you now put the hashtags in the caption, instead of making a separate comment." - Kayla Hertz

"Anytime I get a really good comment on something, on either one -- TikTok or IG reels, I'll respond to it in video form. So that's something great too." - Kayla Hertz

“The nice thing about TikTok is, it's not as aesthetic, like you don't be as perfect as Instagram, though I feel like Instagrams is kind of moving away from that. But with TikTok, just post whatever, because you might never know what's going to hit your audience.” - Kayla Hertz



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