Episode 85 Instagram and Google Updates With Video Marketing
Beauty Marketing Simplified podcast · 17 minutes ·

Episode 85 Instagram and Google Updates With Video Marketing

What you'll learn from this episode:

  • Know what to look out for with the recent Instagram changes, so you create and post content that reaches your target audience.
  • Find out about the Google updates and how it affects prospective clients finding your website to have more possible conversions.
  • Learn how to navigate the new Apple iOS 15 changes with email delivery.

Changes are inevitable. Many changes are happening around social media and these other platforms, as well as Google and Apple. Whether we like it or not, we must adapt to these changes so you can continually evolve, innovate, and grow your beauty business. These updates will affect the way our brand gets clients from a visibility perspective. Plus, the changes will affect how we connect, nurture our clients, and stay top of mind for our client's buyer journey.

Make sure you listen to this episode to prepare for how these changes will affect your business, catch up with what's new, see what works, and implement for continued relevance with your audience.

Topics Covered:

01:03 - The big news about Instagram everyone's crazy about
01:50 - What the changes are all about
02:35 - How Instagram adapts to what's working now
03:36 - What does this update mean for us as beauty business owners
04:56 - Will the IG feed and stories disappear?
06:13 - What to look for in the next six months with these changes happening
08:49 - Is your content optimizing to be mobile-ready?
09:56 - Google updates you should watch out for
11:44 - Apple IOS updates
12:32 - IOS 15 updates you need to know

Key Takeaways:

"As a business owner, we should be looking at that [Instagram update] and looking at these other businesses that aren't getting complacent with status quo and seeing what they're doing, how they're constantly innovating and how we can also be looking at our business and consistently updating our systems and our policies and our marketing." - April Meese

"The CEO of Instagram named both Tik Tok and YouTube as those platforms that are stronger and growing faster than Instagram. And so from that, they are turning towards more video and that they are going to be less of a photo sharing site. And they're looking for more entertaining videos because they realize that that's what their audience is tuning into." - April Meese

"Instagram has said that they are going to be changing the platform and they will be changing the algorithm and moving away from photos moving more towards video." - April Meese

"No longer just hashtag strategy when before, the way to get found in Instagram was through the explorer tab, through a really strong hashtag strategy. And so now that is changing. They are saying that they're going to ask you what topics you'd like to see, and they're going to suggest different people to follow and things that you might like." - April Meese

"They said they're going to use this next six months to try to figure things out. They're going to just test and see what's working. They're looking at the main two platforms, TikTok, and they're also looking at YouTube. And they're going to do those strategies and see what works." - April Meese

"So they also said that this platform is or they're going to be focusing their energy on Instagram, as it goes through the changes in the next six months, for creators, for video, for shopping, and for messaging." - April Meese

"The CEO of Instagram, he had said in his address that they will actually be going more towards shopping because they noticed that trend during the quarantine times." - April Meese

"Google has said that they are going to change the way your website is actually being viewed. So all of your photos on your website and videos need to be optimized for mobile." - April Meese

"iOS 15 is going to be how it affects your email delivery." - April Meese

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