Episode 95 Practice Tips and Tools for Improving Your Skills
Beauty Marketing Simplified podcast · 23 minutes ·

Episode 95 Practice Tips and Tools for Improving Your Skills

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What you will learn from this episode:

  • Find out confidence-boosting practice skills and ideas for marketing your beauty business.
  • Discover brilliant tools and tips to create muscle memory, so you become great at what you do, and your clients are happy with your service.
  • Learn how to build an authentic rapport with your audience so you create trust and connection with them, and your service's value is truly conveyed.

Are you interested in learning practice techniques to get yourself more efficient and effective in your skills?

Do you want to be more confident in the service you offer and be the best at what you do?

Are you looking for practice tools and gadgets you can get your hands on so it helps things flow easily and gets everything moving naturally?

In today's episode, our top beauty professionals April Meese, Vicky Martin, and Karen Betts, and Heidi Henderson share with you their best practice techniques and ideas to polish up your skills and help you deliver excellent results for your clients and your beauty business.

Topics Covered:

01:30 - An engaging way to introduce yourself and what you do to people
03:48 - Why recording practicing your introduction is a big help
05:07 - A tip you can do when recording and making videos of yourself so you come across with vibrance and energy
07:14 - Becoming the best version of yourself with Vicky's practice tips and tool
08:45 - The best things you can do with this brilliant practice tool
10:47 - Making use of Karen's 3D practicing mask
11:21 - April's excellent practice tips for doing videos
14:26 - What's with deleting content on Instagram?
14:58 - Cleaning up your email list
16:06 - The best way to create muscle memory
16:35 - Karen's tip on practicing doing eyebrows
20:53 - Making the most of beauty groups on Facebook for mapping of eyebrows on asymmetrical faces

Key Takeaways:

"In your introduction of yourself, if you can say who you serve, and how you help them in a way that makes people want to lean in and say, oh, that's interesting. Try to practice your introduction without using actual words like permanent makeup or eyelash extensions. Instead of using the titles, try to use words that talk to or speak to the transformation." - April Meese

"If you record yourself, you're kind of giving yourself a little bit of pressure, and it makes you think faster on your feet. Practicing is key. And so record yourself, absolutely." - April Meese

"My practice tip for video is to go live in a small group. Maybe you could even set up a Facebook group, where it's just you, your mom that maybe doesn't come on Facebook or a friend that doesn't log on, or you and your business account. You just need two people to really set up a group, and you can go practice going live in that group." - April Meese

"Practice on Instagram stories. The great thing about Instagram Stories is that you can always delete them, but I encourage you not to delete them. The other thing is, it's only there for 24 hours, and that they're shorter videos. You only have to do a 15-second video on Instagram stories. It's an easy way to start practicing your introduction." - April Meese

"The thing with breast molds is that the skin on the breast molds is set to a certain thickness. If you go through the skin, you're going too deep. And this is why they're so brilliant. But the skin is made of real skin, and anybody who's used real skin knows how realistic they are. They are soft; they just mimic the skin so beautifully. And the good thing about them is if you don't do areola work, that's cool. We use them for training on brows, for learning to do ombre brows. The way the skin works, it feels really realistic. And I think the more you practice, the better you get. And the better you get, the more confidence you have to say yes to do other things." - Vicky Martin

"Don't ever underestimate drawing on faces. Because the hardest thing in permanent makeup is actually drawing eyebrows and getting symmetry." - Karen Betts

"I'm actually a member of a couple of beauty groups on Facebook that are not geared for permanent makeup artists; they're more for just topical makeup. And what I do is I print off pictures that people will always post forward-facing full-face shots with their makeup full-back. And I will print those pictures off and practice mapping on those pictures, especially try to find pictures where the women have some asymmetry in their faces, particularly their eyebrows." - Heidi Henderson

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