Episode 96 Lessons I Learned in Starting My Online Business with April Meese
Beauty Marketing Simplified podcast · 31 minutes ·

Episode 96 Lessons I Learned in Starting My Online Business with April Meese


What you will learn from this episode:

  • Learn the misconceptions about starting an online business
  • Discover what you should set in place to ensure success from the beginning
  • Find out what you can't ignore and where to focus your energy for maximum results.

Do you think having an online business is all passive, easy money?

Are you constantly second-guessing yourself and chasing after "shiny objects" when managing your beauty business?

Ready to reset your mind and stay on the course despite any setbacks along the way?

Don't believe what others say about starting an online business being an overnight success and the path to quick riches. Some argue that marketing an online business can be even more challenging than a brick-and-mortar business. A profitable business takes time, and there will be lessons learned from minor "failures" or setbacks along the way.

As with any business, an online business requires the right strategies, systems, and mindset for a lasting journey to success. Unfortunately, we often want to get to the next level faster, so we end up chasing after those shiny objects/tasks that end up slowing our progress even further.

As someone who has successfully set up an online business, April shares her mistakes, insights, and advice to save you from any heartbreak. This information can be applied to your beauty business as well. As she says, she is still learning these business and life lessons for continued growth.

Topics Covered:

02:27 - What April wished she would have known when she started her online business
05:24 - Differentiating an online business from a brick and mortar business
06:55 - Don't believe this myth
09:40 - How to finish one level before stepping to the next
11:04 - What you should know about the 'Oprah Effect'
12:57 - Stop chasing shiny objects and instead, FOCUS
16:18 - One essential thing you can do for your business
17:36 - The key to getting you to progress
22:57 - Slowing down to speed up
26:43 - Figure out what you need to do that you are avoiding
28:09 - Summary of the three lessons she learned in creating her online business

Key Takeaways:

"There's a coach for everyone; not everybody is going to agree with my style. I think that I have a unique method for what I do. And I know that we've proven it repeatedly with students and got them success. And so, we have a proven system. We have proven strategies that work. But also, as I said before, like asking the right questions because getting students to have that breakthrough is really the key." - April Meese

"Let's bust the myth; nothing is passive. This idea of, 'Oh, you just going to keep back on the beach or whatever. I don't think that that is really true in today's society. Today's society is you have to stay relevant; you have to say like, out of sight out of mind." - April Meese

"We all want to get there quicker. There's that enjoy the journey, but we're all like, no, just give it to me, I'm ready for it. But there is that idea that you need to really master the things at each level so that you are prepared to get to the next level." - April Meese

"For me, it was a lot of second-guessing. And what happens with that is, it's a lot of stop and start. And it's a lot of half-finished bridges, so I'm never getting to the other side." - April Meese

"That expression, your business is your baby. You don't want your business to be your baby. Yes, you created it and gave it so much love, care, and attention. But a baby constantly needs you. And you don't want that to be your business. You want those systems in place where you can still step in; you want it to be like a grown adult, where you're still going to have a connection with it." - April Meese

"You just need to choose your difficult. Staying stuck is not fun. But changing can also be challenging. Choose your challenge." - April Meese

"I'm not telling you to do more. In fact, I would say do less, but do more of what matters. Find that 5% in your business that's going to bring in 95% of the revenue." - April Meese



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