EP5 Veganuary in beauty - how to do vegan skincare
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EP5 Veganuary in beauty - how to do vegan skincare

Happy 2019! Anyone trying their hand at Veganuary? Veganism isn't exclusive to sweet potato brownies and oat milk lattes, vegan skincare is one of the fastest growing categories in beauty right now as people turn away from animal derived ingredients and by-products in both their food and beauty products. In episode 5, we explore the definition of vegan beauty, the non-vegan skincare ingredients to look out for and what you can switch to instead, plus our favourite vegan beauty brands.

We also kick off with our regular weekly round up where Dominika shares her tips on switching off and living in the present and Elsie talks about the dreaded Dry Jan.

Show notes:
Business of Fashion Podcast with Jasmine Hemsley

Glossy Podcast with Tim Brown of Allbirds


The Ordinary

Isle of Paradise

Tata Harper


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