Sheeeeeee's baaaaaaacccccckkkkkkk!!!!!! After a long hiatus, Katie Winkler is back with her 14th Episode of CAMPUS: A Novel That Wants to Be a Musical. In this episode, we find out a little bit about one of the fairy god teachers--Ms. McBride, a math teacher. We find out about Ms. McBride's first love, her philosophy professor, Dr. Paul Temple, who ends up not being exactly the man of Ms. McBride's dreams. Well, he had been very much the man of her dreams until, you know, he wasn't anymore because he turns out to be pretty much a rotter. Anyway, listen to the episode, and you will know what I mean. 

Thanks to Anchor for the background music and to my good friends Angela Kantola and Don Wallace for their continuing support despite my long hiatus. Thank you friends!!! 

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