Acceptance, Sacrifice, Resiliency with Rebecca Lemanski
F50Woman: Because We're Not Done Yet · 44 minutes ·

Acceptance, Sacrifice, Resiliency with Rebecca Lemanski

Acceptance, Resiliency, and Sacrifice with Rebecca Lemanski

"This young girl started out as a teacher. She, through trial and sacrifice, went on to earn her MSW in Administration working in macro social work. If you have no idea what that is, like me, you’re in the right place listening to the right podcast. At the taping of this chat, she was the Director of Middletown Works, but shortly after this taping she rose to become the Chief Operating Officer at the Prudence Crandall Center. As she continues to rise on the outside professionally, she also grows incredibly on the inside. She’s not 50 yet but, she’s poised to be one of the wisest older women we may ever know. You don’t want to miss this chat with Rebecca Lemanski Executive, MSW, Mother, and dear friend and another up-and-coming F50Woman."

We Talk About…

·         Community Resiliency

·         Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)

·         Changing approaches to get acceptance

·         Is putting your child first quitting: a mother’s dilemma

·         The one piece of advice she would give her younger self.

·         Self-Talk

·         The need for resiliency in companies

·         The “resilient zone” 

·         Training your mind into a habit of thinking positive

·         What are we feeding our minds?

·         The resiliency informed perspective

Quotes She Served Up:

“As human beings, we’re all designed in pretty much the same way…”

“Don’t be your own worst enemy”

“Your mind needs to be fed just like your body”

Does Evil Spreads Faster than Love: “It’s up to each of us to spread love, the more of us that spread love we will combat the evil that is in the world”

Recommended Book: “Untamed” by Glennon Doyle

One thing I must do every day: Connecting with my Higher Self

Contact Information

Phone: 860.729.3313

Email: [email protected]

LinkedIn: Rebecca Lemanski

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