Becoming You with Renita Alexander and Veronica Williams
F50Woman: Because We're Not Done Yet · 78 minutes ·

Becoming You with Renita Alexander and Veronica Williams

“Do you want the world to change? Do you want your community to rise? Do you want your family to thrive? Do you want to have a better life? Then Get a Notebook! A new year is dawning. A new season in your life is beginning. From wherever you’re listening - whenever you’re listening, this episode applies to your life, right now. Because all positive change begins with you. Come in and learn about leadership from the inside out from Renita Alexander and Veronica Williams, two leading ladies, two experienced and wise F0Women. Why should you tune in at your age? Because We’re Not Done Yet!!” 

We Talk About…

·         Leadership

·         How you find your purpose

·         How to stay on the right track in your purpose

·         Who you can lead 

·         How to be an effective, authentic leader

·         Leadership framework

·         The value of soft skills

·         How to inspire ourselves

Quotes Served Up:

“Responsibility with no authority requires relationship”

“We can’t expect to lead others well if we are not leading ourselves”

“We wouldn’t be given the dream if we didn’t have the capacity to fulfill it”

“No, is a complete sentence”

“Self-awareness is a strategic advantage”

“God created us to be here for a purpose”

“…you need to search deeper to allow God to show you your value”

“If we don’t go through things in life, we will never discover our purpose”

“A test is so that we have a testimony”

“We can be shaken and come back unbroken”

Renita’s Contact Information: 


Email: [email protected]



Veronica’s Contact Information


Facebook: Alliance Seminars Coaching

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