Being Branches Not Leaves with Felicia Hines
F50Woman: Because We're Not Done Yet · 70 minutes ·

Being Branches Not Leaves with Felicia Hines

“I got the opportunity to sit with this woman whose character cannot be contained and whose story is bigger than the time we had to chat. She was tossed from home to home as a young girl and she was treated like an outsider. She became hardened and angry. That pain would show up in her body as illness. But she survived. But, she survived to become a who tells it like it is while keeping God in focus. She’s full of life stories. She’s a sister-friend and another F50Woman.”

We Talk About…

·         Survival as a mom before twenty

·         Looking back and seeing God

·         Defensive mentality

·         Real talk with young people

·         Saving her son from the gang

·         Lesson learned talking to the girl that no one talked to in school

·         The night her mind snapped 

·         The unfortunate turn caused by advice from another elder-mother 

·         The lifesaving gift of the advice from Elder-Grandma’s words “you can call on Jesus”

·         Sickness caused by anger and unforgiveness

·         Women showing up in life that offer advise like moms

·         Friendships as roots

·         Telling the truth in love

·         Fighting God because of fear

·         Work at a food pantry

Quotes She Served Up:

“Everybody has a personal story, but it’s how you deal with your personal story”

“Whenever you have a problem, you can always call on Jesus, said Grandma”

“Kids want to be corrected… it let’s them know that their parents care”

“Parenting was the thing that saved my life”

“Unforgiveness will make your body sick, and then you’ll die”

“It’s okay to be who you are, because who else are you going to be”

“Be you at all times”

“A friend is a branch that goes with you through life”

“You don’t need a missionary badge to do missionary work”

“There are stories behind why people are the way they are”

“You are good just the way you are”

Advice for Younger Self: “Learn to love yourself and have respect for yourself.

Recommended Books: TBD

Daily Must Do: Get up and thank God for a new day

Contact Information: [email protected]

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