Brokering Hope with Peggy Bodde
F50Woman: Because We're Not Done Yet · 41 minutes ·

Brokering Hope with Peggy Bodde

"As a young girl she loved to write, and she hoped to become a teacher. But when she grew up, she choose to go to law school. Finally landing in the business world, she blossomed into a business leader, mentor, and writer who helps other women find their “sacred work.” Because you and I both know that no story is that simple you will want to tune in to this chat with one God fearing and grace filled F50Woman.”

We Talk About…

  • How she kept her faith though a traumatic childhood
  • What it means to be a witness in the workplace 
  • The marriage of spirituality and work
  • The most important part of leadership
  • What makes a powerful Matriarch
  • The value of daily prayer & bible reading
  • How God speaks to us

Quotes She Served Up:

  • “God is okay with our questioning”
  • “What better way to be Christ light that to broker hope”
  • “God wastes nothing, and he redeems everything”

What Changed Everything: Being put out of the house at the age 13

Biggest Lesson: Everything happens for a reason

Advice for Her Younger Self: “Extend the same grace for yourself that you extend to others.”

Peggy’s book: “Sacred Work” (coming soon)

Recommended Book: “Confidence Cornerstone,” Catherine Gates

Must Do Every Day: Reading God’s word & prayer

Contact Information: 

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