Brownies for Breakfast with Lynne Bowman
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Brownies for Breakfast with Lynne Bowman

Brownies for Breakfast with Lynne Bowman

“Every time the grease in my frying pan starts poppin’, I think of her and dream of better food. She’s Lynne Bowman and her story is one of loss, survival, and healing. She is a glowing 75-year-old woman who eats ‘Brownies for Breakfast!’ I want to eat brownies for breakfast and still look that amazing! She says that we can eat chocolate and be fully alive, healthy, and even diabetes free! Stay and give your full attention to this chat with Lynn, with an "e," Bowman; creative director, advertising manager, actress, makeup artist, screen writer, and author of a new and amazing book titled “Brownies for Breakfast.” Sold out for your health, she’s one energized and fully alive F50Woman.”

We Talk About…

  • Effect of ill health on families
  • The importance of community sitting and eating
  • The gift of diabetes
  • Caregiving skills as a pre-requisite for public office
  • Healing with food
  • How to have chocolate and more in a good way
  • The loneliness of diabetes
  • Lazy but still delicious cooking
  • Broken relationships with your grocer
  • Audio grocery store stress tour 
  • Men’s work, women’s work, and kid’s work

Quotes She Served Up:

“If you don’t have blood sisters go find the sister you need, and become a sister”

“If you want to continue to make trouble for people you’ve got to eat right”

“To remain on your feet and mean as a snake you have to eat your veggies”

“What you buy and eat has a huge effect on the environment”

“Our bodies are brilliant, …but it can only do so many things at one time”

“Sleep should be holy”

“Sugar is more addictive than heroine”

“Woman, you are not the servant you are the teacher”

“There is a holiness about home …if you want to do good out in the world start at your kitchen table”

What Changed Everything: Early loss of her mother to chronic disease, abuse, and diabetes

Lynn’s Book: Brownies for Breakfast: A cookbook for diabetics and the people who love them

Contact Information: 


Facebook: Lynne Parmiter Bowman 

Email: [email protected]

YouTube: Lynne Bowman

Instagram: @LynneParmiterBowman

LinkedIn: Lynne Parmiter Bowman

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