Changing Perspectives with Jennifer Steil
F50Woman: Because We're Not Done Yet · 64 minutes ·

Changing Perspectives with Jennifer Steil

“As a young girl she was an idealist, naive, and resistant to staying in any job for any extended period of time. She had a passion for theatre and a talent with the written word. Born in the United States, she would eventually and unexpectedly be called overseas to her greatest adventure and to the love of her life. She started out living in Massachusetts and she’s now sharing her life with us from Uzbekistan. She’s an award-winning author and journalist and a complete joy to speak with. Please join me as I chat with Jennifer Steil, another incredibly resilient F50Woman.”

We Talk About…

·         Work changes

·         Writing for Playgirl Magazine

·         Life changes living and working overseas

·         Being kidnapped in Yemen

·         Writing Books

·         Learning multiple languages

·         Marriage with a Diplomat

·         The joy of dancing for yourself

Quotes She Served Up:

“The best language teacher is necessity”

“Put yourself in situations…places that challenge everything you assume about the world”

What Changed Everything: An unexpected job opportunity in Yemen

Advice for Her Younger Self: Be easier on your body, listen to your body. Take risks, put yourself in situations that terrify you, places that challenge everything you assume about the world.

Jennifer’s Book: 

The Ambassadors’ Wife

Exile Music

And more…

See All Here:

Recommended Book: The Argonauts,” Maggie Nelson

Must Do Every Day: “Move My Body” …Ballet

Contact Information: 


Twitter: @jfsteil7

Instagram: @JenniferFSteil

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