Don’t Fight Mad with Cindy Villanueva
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Don’t Fight Mad with Cindy Villanueva

“She was born into a loving family of rebels who taught her that education was key. And, when she got older, she set out to fulfill that teaching. But her plans would be averted after she became a teenage mom. She would end up struggling through divorce and wrestling through single motherhood. Nevertheless, she rose. Cindy earned both her Bachelors and Masters degrees, she wrote a book, and started several businesses all between the ages of 40 and 60. Come and hear how learning to “Not Fight Mad” changed everything for her and how it can change your life too. This is a story of doing the unplanned and unexpected. This is Cindy Villaneuva’s story and it’s a story of continual overcoming and perseverance from another strong, resilient, calm, and God fearing F50Woman.”

We Talk About…

  • Overcoming life’s challenges
  • Finally having a relationship with her dad since 50
  • Being an adopted-parent and a stepparent 
  • Translating life as an at home mom into a high-level profession 
  • The power of children to inspire strength in us
  • Mentors and the power of a mother’s message
  • Martial arts, a metaphor for life
  • 6 Steps to success from her book

Quotes She Served Up:

  • “You are Never Too Old. It’s never too late”
  • “Life after 50 is just starting”
  • “You have to take one step to see the next step”
  • “There is more to me than the tragedies and bad mistakes”
  • “When you fight mad, you miss opportunities, and you don’t see what’s coming”

Daily Must Do: Thank God

Cindy’s Books: 

  • “Don’t Fight Mad”
  • “Bread Pudding in Barcelona” (book in process)

Recommended Book: 

  • “Bitten Potential” by Shawn Acore
  • “Think Again” by Adam Grant
  • “The Power of Regret” by Daniel Pink

Contact Information: 

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