Executive Mosaic with Helen Corey
F50Woman: Because We're Not Done Yet · 56 minutes ·

Executive Mosaic with Helen Corey

“Learning by doing, this young girl was always asking questions and that habit was the catalyst to her building multiple companies. Contrary to what we think powerful businesswomen do, she made it a point to always discover what made her happy, and when she did, she’d simply shift careers. From Human Resources, to Energy, to Health & Wellness Venture Capital leadership, she’s an international leader. But don’t be fooled by her Resume, her skills transcend the box of business building. She understands people and is aware of who she is. Take a minute and sit in on this chat with Helen Corey she’s filled with humble confidence, and she’s another powerful F50Woman.”

We Talk About…

·         Career long lessons learned from her first Job

·         How not to get caught in “the flow” of life

·         Importance of finding your tribe

·         Never having to apply for a job

·         What question to ask to know what job to take next

·         Being the dumbest person in the room

·         Osculating between the grey areas

·         Knowing where you fit

·         Company ownership and development

·         How to lead an industry you know nothing about

·         Transferable skill sets 

·         How to find mentors

·         Learning from diversions

·         Boardroom, business, and family team advice

Quotes She Served Up:

“Everything has a beginning, a middle, and an end. Sometimes you have to just ride the wave”

“Bring the room along with you”

“When I found an issue that wasn’t being addressed, I’d start my own company”

“Ensure you keep a balance, take a step back and look at your stuff objectively”

“Learn the word ‘NO.’ It’s the smallest word but the hardest word for people to say… it provides freedom”

“OH MY GOD” Moment: “Watching how other people treat other people and what people will do to other people… and what people can do to themselves.”

Advice for Her Younger Self: “Just Breathe….life’s not a straight line”

Recommended Books: The Soul of a New Machine” by Tracy Kidder

Contact Information: 

LinkedIn: Helen Corey | https://www.linkedin.com/in/helencorey/

 Website: www.8dimensionventures.com

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