Filling in the Gaps with Sheena Smith
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Filling in the Gaps with Sheena Smith

“She didn’t know what it meant when as a young girl she couldn’t stop designing spaces in her head. And it would take happenstance to help her to put a profession onto her passion. My sister Howard University School of Architecture Alum is now a talented international Architect. In college we hung out all the time, but never talked about faith. Now, 30 years later, she attributes her survival and success to God’s hand on her life. With her recent move from Bermuda to north-western Canada, where she is surrounded by nature, she’s looking forward to her next chapter. Listen to the end of this discussion and drink in the faith of another successful god-fearing F50Woman.”

We Talk About…

·         Where the desire to design buildings started

·         Moving to Western Canada as a former Architecture Business Owner

·         Filling the gaps between the language of architecture and the medical profession

·         Changing climates, changing technologies

·         Benefits of training in the United States

·         Advice for young people interested in Architecture

·         Struggles of an Architect’s spouse

·         The fun in health care Architecture

·         The importance of versatility as a young architectural hopeful

·         The value of taking initiative, creating outcomes

·         Challenges in being a minority and woman in business

·         Needing to get 12 references to get a job

·         Dealing with difficult people

·         Not becoming a “lifer”

·         The importance of Architecture history

·         Bathroom prayer for composure

Quotes She Served Up:

“It’s not really the glamour, it’s the hard work”

“Don’t be a generalist, find your niche”

“As minorities we can’t just go down the stream with everybody else”

“Purpose in your heart to do your best…”

“It’s not the glory, it’s about fulfilling a service”

“If you can think of something you would like to do for the rest of your life, what is it… then pursue that”

“If you love where you’re going, you have to at least know where you’re coming from.”

“After finding God I didn’t have to do life’s bumps alone”

“We should be accountable to those younger women who are coming behind us”

Advice for Younger Self: “Continue to know yourself and be true to yourself.

Does Evil Spreads Faster than Love: “It is absolutely true that is does spread, and there’s a huge study you can look at about that… but it’s temporary.”

Bible Verse Mentioned: Revelations 12:12

Recommended Books: The Bible

Daily Must Do: Pray

Contact Information: Contact F50Woman for Sheena Smith’s information

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