Happiness Reloaded with Romana Hasenohrl
F50Woman: Because We're Not Done Yet · 60 minutes ·

Happiness Reloaded with Romana Hasenohrl

“She grew up as a farmers girl who always dreamt about being a writer. But when she grew up, she landed in broadcasting. And after 17 years in broadcasting, she would find out that she was fired by mail, when on holiday! Little did she realize at the time, that would be the thing that would free her into happiness. Come and listen to this chat with a woman whose story illustrates how pushing through today’s challenges reveals tomorrow’s joy. Come in and meet Romana she’s an astrologer, a published writer, and another perseverant and joy-filled F50Woman.”

We Talk About…

  •  Astrology and food
  • Broken spine, loss of friendships
  • Job loss and love loss
  • Job hunting after 40 and being called “overqualified” 
  • Gardening out of shopping bags
  • Who inspired her to pursue writing
  • Mentors who helped her
  • Joyful firsts getting her book published
  • Happiness transformations
  • Laughter yoga

Quotes She Served Up:

“Life wants to put us on the right path”

“Its not that you have to wait to think you’re happy enough to laugh, why don’t you laugh before and see what happens” 

What Changed Everything: 1. Skydiving accident & 2. Getting fired by letter while on holiday

Advice for Her Younger Self: Don’t be scared no matter what life serves you because everything in life turns out to be for your best.

Ramona’s Books: “Cooking with the Stars” 

Recommended Books: 

“The Elephant” 

The Whale at the end of the world” by John Ironmonger

The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry” by Rachael  Joyce

Must Do Every Day: Walk the Dog | Laughter Yoga| Daily To-Dos

Contact Information: 

Facebook: Happiness Reloaded; https://www.facebook.com/groups/happinessreloaded

Website: https://www.romanahasenoehrl.at/

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Question: Do you remember when you lost your happiness?

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