Take a Break from Your Weight with Cassie Christopher
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Take a Break from Your Weight with Cassie Christopher

“She grew up in an authoritarian religious family of emotional eaters. Which would result in her becoming an extremely accomplished, but emotionally suppressed, young woman. Memories of gifts of sugar treats taught her to care for herself with food. She now agrees that the mental food cycle is craziness. Are you ready to be done with the craziness? Are you ready to finally trust yourself with food? Then tune in and begin your journey to release yourself from decades of self-disrespect and self-denial. This is Cassie Christopher one amazingly self-aware, confident, and fun, up-and-coming F50Woman.”

We Talk About…

  • Learning why we eat emotionally and why eating emotionally works
  • How motherhood can exaggerate food issues
  • Window of tolerance model by Dan Segal applied to eating
  • Weight as a socially acceptable way to mistreat yourself
  • You need to heal past trauma to find health with food
  • The 4 Pillars of recovery from emotional eating
  • Understanding menopause to heal emotional eating

 Quotes She Served Up:

  • “Who I am today and what I do now would not have happened had if I was not who I was as a kid”
  • “We have been sold a bill of lies that diets are the answer”
  • “When we believe we are either perfect or a failure we will always be a failure because there is no such thing as perfect”
  • “Get to a place where you feel good enough to understand what your mind is doing”
  • “Self-compassion will solve the problem every time”

 Advice for Her Younger Self: Nothing

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Contact Information: 

www.cassiechristopher.net/free (free resource)

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