The Warrior Way with Leticia Colon de Mejias
F50Woman: Because We're Not Done Yet · 82 minutes ·

The Warrior Way with Leticia Colon de Mejias

“She is a powerhouse, pun intended. As a young girl she was poor but well influenced. She always tried to do the right thing while very much wanting to know the what, the why, and the how of everything. She was fascinated with things that effected society and why humans treated each other the way they did. Now, her confidence is off the charts, but it strangely and wonderfully makes you, when you are with, feel more powerful too. I could listen to this podcast every morning just to get my shot of superpower audio juice. You have to hear this chat with Leticia Colon de Mejias another F50Woman.”

We Talk About…

·         Science based approach to learning

·         Multigenerational childhood influences

·         Leticia’s Multidimensional Superpowers

·         The interconnectedness of all people

·         Energy efficiency opportunities to help the world

·         What your B.S. is (hint: Your life framework)

·         Firewalking: conquering the fear of fire

·         Using Life’s 4 T’s Wisely (Time, Talent, Tenacity, and Teamwork)

·         Strategies of preparation to own back time

·         Switch it Off Kits

·         The value of different perspectives

·         What the “Warrior Way” is (time 32:29)

·         The gift of the written word & living through novels

·         The reciprocal success of her mentors; through regular meetings, asking questions, and taking notes  

Quotes She Served Up:

“We each have superpowers hidden within us. When we explore those superpowers, we can bring them out and they can become our life”

“I one hundred percent believe that anything is possible when we work together”

“If we looked at life through the lens of opportunity, we would be much happier and more engaged in the opportunities”

“…lack of understanding leads to miscommunication and fear”

“Life is a compilation of points”

“… take something and turn it into many things”

“…smart kids, not smart phones. …smart friends, not smart phones” 

“Stop remembering all the bad things that happened and start building the things you desire to see”

Advice for Younger Self: “Leave that B.S behind. Don’t let others define you. Don’t let others define your problems. Because when you allow others to define your problems, you’re allowing them to define the potential solutions”

One Regret: Not getting the Doctorate Degree

Recommended Books: 

Women Who Love Too Much”  by Robin Norwood

The Alchemist” Paula Cuelo

The Way of the Wizard” Deepak Choprah

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